Usine Osc Problems

i got usine pro a couple of weeks ago,and ive been meaning to try to make some sort of "live controller for renoise in usine using OSC messages

is there a place or a way i can find all the different OSC commands(or what you call it)that controls renoise

i keep getting some REJECTED messages,also nay-seven from the usine forum have tested this too,and he also kept getting those messages
could someone look into it?

the GlobalOSCActions.lua. I believe if you want to add specific commands, you need to adjust the copy in the scripts folder of the Renoise application path. Else you can simply find the commands in the scripts folder inside the user folders.
The OSC preferences tab also shows you a list with all current possible commands but i can understand you would like to know the parameters etc.

thanks vV
gonna check it out

i just need something that will let me know what the different OSC commands do and control

The OSC preferences pane in Renoise already lists up all avaliable commands. Here is another list from the tutorial pages.

awesome thanks guys

hi guys think i need a little assistance

what im trying or want to do is set up 8 tracks in renoise and be able to control some basic things in renoise from usine pro such as /renoise/transport/start and /renoise/transport/stop from usine and also control the volume for each renoise tracks(if thats possible)

but im having problems setting the “OSC-connection” from renoise to usine up
no matter what i try nothing works

is there a kind soul that could maybe post a small screenshot showing the right settings and stuff or is there a tutorial somewhere about connection renoise to usine??

it would be much appreciated

this shows some of the stuff i have in mind,of course the lemur is much more advanced than the stuff i want to do
but this gives you a idea

or if i can use anything other than OSC to build a controller for renoise in usine please enlighten me,i have read about both the OSC in usine and renoise but cant get it working:(

i also tried asking on the usine forum because i kept getting messages with something like /trigger/note_on/ with 4 arguments (REJECTED)

and nay-seven from the usine forum have just tested it and he also kept getting those messages

heres a link to the topic on the usine forum

Can you link this thread back to the admin so he can post here? Is the replier the developer?

OSC works with dozens of other configs and controllers that I know of. I can’t test Usine because I’m on OSX and there doesn’t appear to be a Mac version. Here’s a python example. Here’s the code that does note_on in that package.

OSC is a standard like HTML is a standard. It takes a lot of fiddling around to get it to “do what you want”, it’s not necessarily trivial or the same for everyone.

Tell him/her to look for this file, override it, and mess around from there.

Using this PHP class I can trigger a note via UDP like so:

$c = new OSCClient();  
$c->set_destination("", 8000);  
$m = new OSCMessage("/renoise/trigger/note_on", array(  
 -1, 0, 100, 60  

If i send garbage, it of course won’t play:

$m = new OSCMessage("/renoise/trigger/note_on", array(  
 -1, 5000, 100, 60  

The above doesn’t work because there is no track 5000.


thanks gonna mess around some more and see if it can make sense to me

yes it is one of the develpoers,but he posted on the usine forum that he sort of almost got it working,atleast he got renoise to react:)