Using a Signal Follower on a Send Track

I’m trying to utilize a signal follower in a popular fashion - modulating the volume of a bassline by following the envelope of my drum pattern. However I am trying to route it through a send.

I have a track for my kick drum with a few DSP devices to shape the sound, then a SEND.

I have a track for my snare drum with just a SEND.

On my send, which I have titled Drum Bus, I am using Effectrix to largely shape how the pattern sounds.

With this setup, I cannot use a signal follower on the Drum Bus routing to the bass track. To my knowledge, this is because “physically” it comes AFTER my bass track.

I hope I have described my situation clearly. Can anyone please shine a little light here?

You could group the drum tracks instead of using a send. As you pointed out, the signal follower can’t target a track that falls before it in the signal path. Just make sure the drum group is before the bass track.

I never knew you could group tracks in Renoise. Cheers!

Edit: I’ve had a license since 2.7 and have made countless tracks. Talk about major blind spots!

Or send the bass to a send as well, after the drums?