Using An External Synth With Renoise


I just recently got the full version of Renoise and have been in a cave since! But something I haven’t been able to fully figure out yet is using an external synth with the program. I have a Roland Gaia Sh-01 which is connected to my laptop through a USB device. I am attempting to compose notes in Renoise, have these notes trigger my synth, and record the sound from my Gaia into a track on Renoise. I know how to do this in other programs, such as Pro Tools, but I’ve been trying to do this with Renoise for some time and haven’t gotten it yet.

Currently; my Gaia is sending audio into a track which is registering in Renoise, Renoise understands that there is a MIDI keyboard connected and is registering the notes, both FROM the keys and TO them, however these notes aren’t playing on my Gaia. My Gaia is set to the same MIDI channel that the track is set to, so I’m not sure why it isn’t working out. Help?

Thanks for your time!

Hi, :)

Renoise -> GAIA (MIDI signal)

You should use “Ext. MIDI” in Instrument Settings tab.

– select empty slot in the Instrument Selector
– click Instrument Settings tab and open “Ext. MIDI” panel
– set GAIA’s MIDI device there and set “Mode” to “LineIn Ret”, in this case.

GAIA -> Renoise (Audio signal)

Maybe you already know this though,
– add #Line Input device to the track where you’ve inputted MIDI events for GAIA.
– set GAIA’s Audio device there and set “Latency” to “MIDI Return Mode”.


Thanks for your reply! However I went through these steps and the notes still aren’t registering on my Gaia. I have created an instrument for the keyboard, set the external MIDI to my Gaia, added a Line In device and all, but still no cigar. Perhaps it could be a problem with my Gaia? I sure hope not. I’m going to check if the Gaia will play notes sent to it from a MIDI track in Pro Tools, just to make sure it isn’t a problem with my device.

I am using Virus TI with Renoise via USB and VST plugin. Works without hassles. But I don’t know if there is VST for Gaia.

Hey all!

So I figured it out, it works now. not sure what the problem was, I guess I just hadn’t properly set up my MIDI devices for Renoise yet. But what I need to know now is, how can I record the sounds my Gaia plays into Renoise? I don’t want to record as a sample, as my Gaia is handling all of the performance. Is it possible to record my Gaia?


Hmm, if you mean that you want to record your realtime performance on GAIA while hearing the sounds of Renoise’s other tracks, sampling as a long audio WAV is the only way, I think.
Maybe rendering by realtime option is another way, but you cannot hear the sounds of other tracks during rendering.

Personally, I don’t know another good method unfortunately. :unsure: (Does anyone know??)

I think the usual way is to compose the song with synth connected and let the synth playing the notes. When you are done, record your synth into wav (one way or another) and then use the wav in a renoise track when mixing. Of course if you want to change notes during the mixing phase, you have to re-record.

I doubt if routing “on the fly” into audio track while composing would work well in any setup?