Using clap plugin format in linux

So there’s a new synth out in the wild which I’m using inside Reaper. But it’s only available in clap format, not as a VST or VST3.

I’d like to use in renoise, because it’s simple to use, looks great, sounds good and I like it very much.

There’s a clap-to-VST3-wrapper ( and it compiles without error on my linux system, but the GUI doesn’t work correctly and so I can’t use it in renoise, which is a bad thing.

So either renoise will support clap in the near future (which won’t happen due to a reduced renoise development team) or the plugin gets released as VST3 (which won’t happen due to limited funds of the plugin developer).

Maybe there’s another clap wrapper which works on linux?

thanks :slight_smile:

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I honestly don’t have much hopes of CLAP being implemented into Renoise.

What I currently do is opening the CLAP plugins inside Bitwig, and then sampling stuff into Renoise using Blue Cat’s Connector, with pretty much zero latency. Not the ideal solution, but works pretty nicely.

The downside is that BC Connector is not even available for Linux… The only reason why I’m sharing this is because it may be useful for MAC/Windows users.

Also, I’ll keep a close eye into a different CLAP to VST3 wrapper.


All this damn technology going so fast drives me bonkers. Which is why i still have an old ass MPC and use a tracker. But I am an old dog. New tricks don’t motivate me much these days. Clap? I remember when that was something someone might want to avoid. lol


Renoise also have GUI issues with VST3, seems some GUI code need rewritten.

Yes, I’ve noticed that… :frowning: One specific VST3 that always gets messed up is Coldfire by Arturia, for instance. It works fine on Bitwig but the UI gets all scrambled and glitchy on Renoise.