Using Dropbox To Sync Your Scripts

Similar in spirit of renoise being multiplatform is dropbox. This doesn’t work with xrnx tool installation however some of us use several computers, and on top of that several operating systems or maybe even VM’s with renoise.
Keeping them all up-to-date with what you are working on can sometimes be just purely mind-boggling.
There are circumstances when you would not want certain files synced, so this is just an easy way to sync the files you do want synced.

How to sync folders (or files) that exist outside the “My Dropbox” folder:

*Note or Disclaimer: Read through the warnings thoroughly if you intend to partake this, as doing certain operations outside of the writeup could result in data loss or sad face. If operation is questionable, make certain you have a backup of everything you are working with.

gbridge? You can add shared folders of choice in Gbridge and share these between all your trusted computers.

Will look into Gbridge, that looks interesting.
Curious if it is able to hold files in google talk when a computer is offline, one of the reasons dropbox is good for this.