Using Dsp Chains To Store & Recall Midi Mappings

As the title says, I am using the DSP chains for my custom MIDI controller assignments, some of which contain more than a 100 mappings!

I simply save the DSP chain to disk once I’m done assigning controls, and give it a descriptive name. In the last couple of weeks, it has worked wonders for the way I produce music! In fact, the only drawback is, you will overwrite existing DSP devices when you import the DSP chain. Before someone pointed out that this was possible, I was considering bying expensive gear (Novation) with a simular functionality, but no longer.

Long live Renoise and open source file formats :slight_smile:

Hey, nice tip.
+1 on long live renoise :)

yeah, it is great for saving a bunch of ‘automation devices’ for your favorite synths and have all the knobs mapped out for future tweakanometry.

:) :) :)

That’s a good tip.

Isn’t it also true that midi mappings are stored when you make a “default song”? I haven’t investigated midi much yet since I don’t have a place to lay out gear at the moment. I’m hoping that I can set up a “default song” with mappings for the pre/post mixer and some other basic functions so that when ever I start a new song or am just fooling around I have a constant controller setup ready to use.

Am I understanding that right?

EDIT: By “default song” I mean Template song, I think (at work at the moment)