Using Dsp Parameters With Scripting

I promise I won’t ask any more questions to any replies pertaining to this, after this first one.
If I reply it will be a thanks or a comment. :)
However, I am going to give a thanks in advance, right now: thanks in advance!

I’m trying to figure out how to give a dsp lane device’s parameter value running in realtime, for instance an LFO to hydra meta-device,
a variable in a tool.
Let’s say Out 1 in hydra, linked to a slider in a tool.

I’m looking at:[].devices[].parameters[].value_min  
 -> [read-only, float][].devices[].parameters[].value_max  
 -> [read-only, float]  

As it seems the most logical to link to a slider, and it’s read only.

maybe a combination of that and this:[].devices[].parameters[].value, _observable  
 -> [float]  

which seems more probable, as the value is ultimately what I would need to be giving the variable.

top to get the values from hydra, and bottom to give the actual value to the tool.

Is this correct?

Thanks again. :)