Using external hdd with Renoise?

My internal disk on my computer is limited with space. So I thinking to use a usb stick/ external hard disk/ etc. to use “on the fly”. Of course I have to put the external storage on my usb port if I boot Renoise to have the files. Any other disadvantages?

Do you have any experience with using external hard disks to store samples and projects?

Btw…. Do you use a couple of small disks or sticks or one big one?

I don’t know which OS you are using, but storing Renoise songs and samples on an external drive shouldn’t be a problem at all. If you use Linux or macos, I think you also can link the Renoise directories to the external drive, but then Renoise will only load, if you added the external thing first.

Personally I keep project files on the internal drive and then sym-linking big plugins’ work dirs like Falcon’s or so to the external drive. Also the samples are internally, since I don’t have huge ones and then quickly can scan through these using Sononym.

I use often more than one maschine (PC, Laptop and 2nd laptop on linux) and one external ssd for job and audio projects all my samples and renoise instruments are on the micro SD card and on local drive synchronized manually (i only use my own samples\resamples of synths, atmospheres. noises and drum chains so 64 GB for me is fine for the moment). Plus cloud storage for recovery. Everything works fine, just keep an eye on your ssd health and do backups time after time.

As renoise itself does not stream samples, the speed of the HDD is completely irrelevant. XRNS-Files are just zip-files with the song information in XML-format and the samples in FLAC or OGG-Format.

Thanks to all for your answers.

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