Using Jack For Recording Multi-Channel Output From Renoise

I’ve been trying to work out how to set up Renoise so I can jam with looped patterns and have have multi-track recording of the output.

I use Studio One hich doesn’t allow you to record VSTi/rewire output straight to audio channels, and I was hunting around to find a solution and I stumbled upon Jack. I find the documentation obtuse to say the least, so I can’t work out if I can simulate having multiple channels of input/ouput so I can basically stream my output from renoise and record it into Studio One as if I had multiple channels of harware input/ouput.

Is this even possible or have I totally misunderstood what the Jack software is all about? I installed JAck on windows but I couldn’t even get it to work at all.

Thanks in advance.

I would of thought JACK would allow you to do it but not tried it on Windows (have done similar but only with Stereo on Linux with JACK.)

An alternative to try is VAC (Virtual Audio Cables.)

I’ve just tried that actually, and I can’t get that to work either. Neither renoise or S1 will play when I have both loaded and trying to redirect output from one into the VAC cables and into the other from the same cables.

I think for all the hassle it’s been it might be worth just picking up a copy of Reaper. I’m a student so I’m trying to get by with the NFR softawre I have (I work part-time in the industry so I get some good perks) but to be honest Reaper is the only host out of several I have tried where it just works quickly and easily.

I have to say, for all the pro version of hosts I’ve tried to use or own NFRs for, Reaper still stand out a mile (in terms of traditional linear sequencers) for how easy it is to do many basic tasks. Studio One is a wonderful piece of interface design but the missing basics are very frustrating. I think my problem with reaper is the temptation to be constantly trying new interface tweaks or themes, but if I can settle on a simple, clean theme that’ll do me fine.

I think Renoise for playing around and sound design and Reaper for arranging the resulting audio loops is a pretty good combo.

If you are looking at Reaper, try it with Rewire.

And if you’re not busy, [help test the new versions of both software?]( view findpost p 262473)

If Rewire is working (or gets working again), you will be able to accomplish what you want using that IMHO.

That’s a bit annoying, I’m sure I tried Renoise+Reaper recently and it worked fine, now it’s creashing with 2.8b5.

Both apps (Reaper+Renoise) running 32bit on 64bit Windows 7 Home Premium.

I seem destined to never get this all working!!

Can you post the crashlogs in this thread?

Where do I find the crash logs? I had a quick look around and couldn’t find anything…

Renoise menu -> Help -> Show The Log File