Using Loops

when i take say, a break loop and input it on the first line and it stops naturally i go in and put a second, third and fourth throughout the 64 ticks. some samples are longer than others and maybe i can only fit it in twice within the 64. sometimes it just wont fit properly unless i go and screw with the bpm. but then if i want another loop in there it wont match. is there a way to synch these? i couldnt figure it out on the wiki tutorials.
also, why make tracks at a different speed and how does this work with the bpm issues?
its just weird to me having to input a loop and in some instances it fits twice in the 64 ticks, sometimes 4 times, sometimes not at all and i have to mess with the bpm so much. this is alot different than ableton that syncs everything for you <_<

oh I’ll try this… it sounds fun…


yeah, ive seen that, but how do you actually use the sync option? it doesnt break it down and tell you click this, click that etc…(im a noob, sorry)
its been hard for me to word what im trying to say is say i have break A, it goes for a count of 1-4 one time. if break A fits 4 times on the 64 ticks perfectly that is the bpm of break A, right?
now say i have break B, which is the same length but faster or slower and i want to drop it in for a few seconds but it doesnt align in the ticks the same way, is there a way to sync it so it fits just right? (this can also go for weird sounds etc that i want playing in the background throughout or snippets of classical pieces)
thanks so much for the help, all you guys rock!

you can also use sample offset (0900) to align break B w/ break A. a quick example .xnrs at this link:

I used volume column to get rid of that “time-stretchy” sound.

hope this can help!

i added another pattern to this, just to show a higher resolution usage of 09xx…

very cool, im gunna head to the bar with my laptop and get to work on all of this stuff today…
the other thing that kind of is bugging me is the whole recording at different speeds thing and so on, im still not completely grasping that, i just record everything in 6 so far and am curious on why you would move it up to say 2 (the count gets screwed up and you have to add more ticks and have the break that repeated say 4 times only repeating once)
thanks again, your help is immeasurable

Sorry. Complete Noob here - but just to be clear, there isn’t a way in Renoise to adjust the tempo of a pattern and keep a sample’s pitch the same? (as in Ableton Live or even GarageBand) That seems to be the case, but then again Renoise does have a lot of hidden surprises, so I don’t want to assume too much.

Hi, by using the 9xx command you can achieve something similar to this. It even sounds better if you don’t change the pitch too much up or tempo too much down…