Using Midi Controller In Cubase

i need some quick hints about getting my evolution x-session
to control cc in cubase sx3. assigning the knots to vst’s and so on.
have tried to search the net, but havent found anything about just that.

please help.

who’s cubase?


i found something that might help you tho,

might be the same thing?

i guess if that helps, then this link might help you also,

heh, at least it seems like it could.

good luck!

It may be geeky of me, but I just lol’ed on that remark. :P

Ice Cube’s brother.

who’s cubase?

ice cube’s brother thats right.

i hooked him up with a midi system and now control him totaly.
i always wanted a midicontrolled beatboxer.

Brrc chkka whikk, takka chakka whack chakk… rewind…

anyway. when i hear the word cubase i automaticaly think of the word
cow shit… bais = shit in sweedish.
whats also cool is that im in traktor alot to… so… welcome to THE FARM.