Using Midi Controllers For Pattern Effects

so i’m wondering if i can use a midi controller to actually input effects commands into the pattern? im thinking of buying something like a bcr2000 and then assigning all the different knobs to different effects you could apply to a selected note in the pattern window. is this possible?

In short, the answer is yes! You can also record it as an automation if the four effect columns are not enough.

I do it all the time with my bcf2000. :yeah:

For me, the only problem with using midi controllers is that renoise doesn’t send midi feedback. That means that if you (or an effect command, or an automation) change a parameter in the software, the leds on the bcf (or bcr…) aren’t updated.

so is a case of using the midi mapping function then? or do you use a different program to assign effects? i’ve got this idea of each knob on the bcf can be assigned a particular effect within the pattern editor window, so i can just input a note and start tweaking away altering the pitch, volume, panning etc.


I think bystrano has misunderstood your original post. It seems he is referring to the ability to map a MIDI controller to the parameters of a DSP device or VST plugin, so that when you move your controller the values then get recorded into the pattern or automation curves. That’s pretty standard stuff and is of course possible.

But it sounds like you actually want to use your MIDI controller as a replacement for the PC keyboard, so that you would be able to input pattern commands and modify the data values, etc… is that correct? Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to do that.


that’s what i was wanting to do, yes. shame. if you could do that then that would be the ultimate. i really like the way you can apply effects directly into the pattern editor window where the track is composed without having to go to different menues etc, but i guess i have to learn all the effect commands and use the keyboard instead of finding a way around it. anyone know if something like this is possible for future versions of renoise?


I understand now, sorry… :unsure:

But thanks for the correction anyway!

You don’t have to learn al the pattern effects, in the new version (2.5) there is a little list you can click on with all the pattern effects, function and numbers :)

yeah, the midi-mapping has gotten better than it was. i’m using a korg padkontrol myself to trigger effects with :)

thats cool. im still just learning with the demo version right now, but that’s good to know. does that effects list just tell you what the effects commands are or can they be clicked on, or drag and dropped etc into the pattern editor?

It’s a standard dropdown menu with 2 lists inside - a list of sample commands and a list of global commands. When you select a command from the list it gets inserted into the pattern wherever the cursor is currently positioned. It’s not possible to drag and drop, so you need to put the cursor where you want it first.