Using Midi-controlls To Perform Key Strokes (with Osx)

Hey guys,
i’m really new to reason but i found out that it is not possible to directly use a midi-controller button to mute a track and perform key strokes.

I’m new to the whole music thing, i only played around a little bit with rebirth in the old days.
I don’t have a midi controller right now, but i want to buy one next week.
Before i buy a midi-controller i want to be sure that this idea works.

It would be great if someone can test it.

I’ve found this app “midi pipe” to map midi-controlls to different things.
It currently doesn’t support keystroke emulation but it has an applescript possibility.
I made an applescript to perform keystrokes in Renoise. It works directly with the applescript-editor but i don’t know if the script works with midi-pipe.

Can someone conform that my idea works?

free software what you need:

Midi Pipe
a program called “Full Key Codes” to get the code for the key
applescript editor (comes with OSX

Step 1:
enable access for assistive devices.
Go to “System Preferences” and activate the “Universal Access” Pane.
Click the “Keyboard” tab. At the bottom of the pane is a checkbox setting called “Enable access for assistive devices”. Click on the checkbox so the setting is enabled. Close out of System Preferences.

Step 2:
Open “full key codes” and press the renoise key-combo you want to use, write down the dec-number in the bottom right corner.

Since Notepad0+Command doesn’t work with my mbp. i remapped the “mute track 0” to the key “a” (code: 0)
in Renoise: go to Configs-> Keyboard/Mouse and lookup/reassing the command you want to control with your midi device.

Step 3:
Open the applescript-editor (applications->applescript->scripteditor) and type in the following source:

You have to replace the whole with the number you wrote down in step 2.

combos with “shift” “option” or “command” need a special declaration:
some examples:

You can test the script by pressing “run” in the editor.

until here, it works for me. But due to the lack of a midi-controller, i can’t confirm step 4 …

Step 4 midipipe:
start midi-pipe and setup a pipe for the midi-control you want to use.
Add an “apple script trigger” to the pipe.
In the bottom field, paste your applescript from step 3. Be sure to leave the line “on runme(message)” on top and “end runme” at the bottom.

the field should look like this:

It would be great if anyone can confirm that this works, so i can buy myself a nice midi controller with enough buttons for severall key strokes :)

greetings from germany,

//frischglanz (aka. CarstenK)

A bit late, but i tried it out
in this post