Using midi to control korg kaos pad

Never used renoise with midi before but been getting into using hardware and thought it might be fun to use renoise to control x and y axels and hold but how ? I would love to use some lfo automation to control x and y which would follow the wave and then random on n off for hold. Im guessing i need 3 channels of automation for each control ( x is 13, y is 12 and hold is 95) thank you for anyone that can help which to be seems like an easy task but I’m getting no where

Use the “Instr. MIDI Control” device.

For example, I use it to manipulate settings on my Korg Volca FM. I set up the device to send out CC messages that map to what the Volca FM accepts. I then use an LFO to slowly shift things like modulation and carrier decay.

You can also send CC directly from tracks as well.

To send a CC command, you use values in the instrument, pan, and FAR RIGHT fx columns

  Note  Inst  Pan  FxCol
   ---   01    M0  07 7F      (set instr. #1 CC number #7 to maximum, 0x7F in hex)

I will try in a bit but I think I was a little confused by the midi instrument control as I saw you could control volume and such and cc but was unable to see where you but the number that corresponds with the macro your trying to adjust ( midi channel 1= yes got that, send cc= yes can find that, but where do you put the number needed to control say hold ( which would be 95)? Thank you by the way

Sorted it thank you

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