Using modulation for non native effects/vst

Ok, even thought i’m not a begginer i’m asking here!

I’ve been playing with intstruments in Renoise lately and i have a fair amount of VST effects in my library. Its not possible to use these in the instrument? For example using a VST filter instead of the native one and modulating its cutoff with the internal envelope?

If this is not possible now then i wonder if it could be?!


This is possible on fx level only, not inside the instrument voice level. Else Renoise would have to create numerous VST plugin instances on the fly, depending on polyphony. Which VST3 could be capable of, thru the note expression feature, but not in Renoise. BS what I wrote. Note expression VST3 only works for generators.

Thanks, i get that! Its funny. The last year or so i’ve been using modular and external hardware and slowly learning more about synthesis. That also means i wanna try more modular “approach” in Renoise. Its sort of possible but some limitations of course.

I guess its only possible to do what i wanna do using and LFO, reset and some other device to trigger the LFO in the fx level, like you said.

Thanks for the reply!

Effects mostly work on two mono voices/stereo .

Samples /oscillators and filters work on a per voice basis (when polyphonic ) …this means that for every voice / note …an oscilator /filter is triggered opened/closed etc.

If your into discrete analogue modular and you want full polyphony , your gonna have to duplicate every module in the signal path , for every voice …

But that’s not really the essence of modular systems , unlesd they are digital …

…hello clavia nord modular :slight_smile:

I do this all the time, setting up signal chains in the instrument fx and automating parameters inside. The LFO envelope is a valid way to implement envelopes, other is using a dummy sample with the desired envelope and use a signal follower, this way you can also sense the modulation volume envelopes of samples.

But you will have monosynths, or rather ones having partial polyphony. If you need polyphonic modulation, copy the instrument to to the needed number of voices, and schedule the voices manually. You could for example use one instrument instance per note column or track and just spread the notes among those tracks manually.

Yeah and thanks! I was basically thinking about making instruments with samples and then using for example my 3rd party plugins instead of the native ones inside the instrument. But i get the problem with polyphony and so on… Its not “modular” in that sense, more designing instruments using external plugin effectsi guess.