Using Multiple Output Devices

Is it possible to use multiple output devices?

Can I also monitor on another device?

If not, this would be a nice feature IMO!


at the beginning of each track DSP you can set where to which output send the sound, provided that your soundcard has more than one outputs.

you can also use pattern command F2xx to rerout the signal. quoting the manual:

I think Jurek means multiple Audio devices, not just channels.
On OSX you can combine multiple devices via the “Audio And MIDI” to one virtual device. Never have tried this, but in theory this should also work with Renoise…

taktik, thanks for the hint! Yes, you can group every devices.

Sadly Renoise doesn’t play on grouped devices… Is it a bug? Because in Logic it works!

I created a grouped device named “UA-1EX + DJ Console”:

But no output. I tried all sub outs in the mixer without any result.

In the virtual grouped device, there are 2 “streams”, the first is UA-1EX and second Dj console.