Using OFF command for VST Instruments

Dear Friends,

The OFF command stops sample instruments when the cursor reads the OFF command but it doesn’t work for VST instruments. What is the equivalent stopping command for VST Instruments?


There is only a single note off command that applies to sample based instruments, MIDI instruments, and VST/AU plugin instruments.

The default note off behaviour with samples is to simply silence the sample and stop it from playing, but that’s only because no other volume envelope behaviour is defined by default.

If the sample based instrument has an ADSR or some other type of volume envelope, then the off command would trigger the release stage of that envelope which could make it fade out gradually, stop instantly, or do something else entirely.

Likewise, for VST/AU plugin instruments it simply depends on what type of envelope is defined within the plugin, what sort of decay and sustain values have been set, and various other things that Renoise has no control over.

If you want the VST/AU plugin to go completely silent when a note off is encountered, then you must set the plugin to actually respond that way, or you must use some other trick like a Gainer device to cut the volume on the track.