Using one sidechain device for all compressors

Ok previousely in renoise 3.2 and below when using signal follower to do sidechaining , I ususally put one signal follower on the kick track , then connected it to a hydra device which then connects to all other gainers on different tracks , how to mimic such behaviour with sidechain device introduced in 3.3 ? Because I have to bring one sidechaon device for each sidechain compressor(and ofcourse hydra could not be used here)

As I understand it, you then need to place a sidechain send device for each receiving device… But you can at least send multiple senders into one single receiver…?

Yes multiple sends to one receiver , but want I want is exactly the opposite ( one send to multiple receivers) which I guess is not possible at the moment .

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It’s not possible (at the moment). Some time ago I was looking for that, too.
Maybe there’s a workaround I don’t know about, but I guess not.

It needs some sort of a spiltter device (like the one in Reason merger & splitter)

Do i understand it right? You wanna send multiple sidechain devices to one and the same target? Like for example 4 differend sidechain devices and all together to e.g. control the same compressor? I tried it here and it seems to work fine.

Exactly the opposite . One sidechain send to control multiple destinations(compressors) instead of using also multiple sends

I’m not sure if the hydra works on a sidechain device? My guess is that it’s another type of data stream, audio instead of control voltages :slight_smile:

Anyhow +1 from me.

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Could you use a group?