Using Programs Past 127

I’m using Renoise to control a Casio keyboard, and it works fine for the most part. I’m using the “program” box in the Renoise MIDI instrument box to choose the tone (instrument) on the keyboard. The problem is: there are 136 tones in my keyboard, but the program option only goes up to 127. Anything I can do to use tones 128-136?

Perhaps this option should be extended, Currently it obeys the General Midi law where the limit is 127 presets per bank.
You might try to pick up bank 1 or 2 and start from preset 1, hoping your Casio internally translates bank 2 preset 1 to your Casio preset 128.
Consult your Casio manual for more advise about this situation.

That didn’t work unfortunately, thanks though. I’ll probably make a thread in Ideas and Suggestions.

As vV has already mentioned, the MIDI standard itself does not actually support program numbers above 127, and there isn’t really anything Renoise could (or should) do to change that fact. Outputting MIDI data that is technically invalid (ie. program numbers from 128 - XXX) would be a really bad idea for Renoise, and probably wouldn’t even work anyway. All MIDI hardware is built to obey this spec, and I assume that the Casio keyboard would simply reject values outside the valid range, or it may even cause something weird to happen. Either way, simply broadcasting higher numbers here is not the solution.

You can pretty much guarantee that Casio has provided a method to access the extra programs (which are probably drum kits?). As vV has also said, it is very common for the keyboard to require a bank change first, followed directly by a program change. If you were not able to achieve this using the Bank and Instrument selectors in the Instrument Settings tab, or by using a MIDI-Control Device, then your Casio keyboard may require custom SysEx messages in order to use these higher program numbers. Unfortunately I do not believe it is currently possible to send SysEx from Renoise.

A bit of extra reading on the bank/program issue:…dispec/bank.htm

Your best bet is to check the user manual for your keyboard. If you do not have the original printed manual anymore, then check Casio’s website for a PDF: