Using Reaktor 5 Vsti

i have been using renoise for a while now
its totaly ace

but i cant work out how to start and stop sequencers in a reaktor ens
they just start when you press play and stop when you press stop

also the sound that is produced by reaktor in this case doesnt seem to be routed through any track in renoise,
it seem to be independant of the renoise mixer
so i cant turn it up and down n stuff


What sequencer are you attempting to use?

Are you familiar with the Reaktor internals?
I think there is a “Play/Stop” module in there that you can use as a gate and trigger to reset the sequencer.

Another option would be to set up certain midi notes to trigger things in reaktor.

From what I remember, the output of Reaktor does go through renoise. There are usually a couple other volume knobs and sliders within the Reaktor instrument so you may have to turn those up first. Maybe check your audio setup in the Reaktor vst, it might actually be independently routed to your main output.

  • to mute self running reaktor ensembles do this :

in renoise go to preferences > plugs/misc > default mute mode > set it to ‘mute’

  • to give the ensemble its own mixer track in renoise do this :

put in a note corresponding to the instrument number where reaktor is in and set the note volume to zero