Using Renoise With Asio On Wine/Linux

Got contacted by one of the Wine audio developers. They found a way to make Renoise running on Wine with ASIO, but there are a few changes in the Wine sources necessary. If someone is interested in trying/hacking this out, here are the details:

To allow realtime threads (highly recommended to avoid XRUNS)

To use ASIO (routed via Jack):
#define ASIOST32INT 1” to asio.c to set it to use 32bit int.

Thanks to Joakim for the patches and tests. We’ll fix the second problem wit ASIO in Renoise in the next releases. Obviously can’t fix the RT issue, but maybe the patch goes into the official Wine releases soon…

Joakim has been very helpful to me on the Sourceforge forum to get Renoise working with the latest Wineasio driver. I haven’t spent too much time with Renoise under Wine yet but I would say it is certainly useable. The Vst’s I’ve tried so far have worked and adding tools works too (tested Rubberband). The interface is not quite as responsive but that’s to be expected.
The only things that I’ve found that don’t work so far are with the listboxes (selecting presets/automation) you can’t type anything into the search field and Renoise will often hang when you close it so you have to kill it.
Anyone else using it?

unlikely to be usefull

also running app with wine to asio is bit nasty stuff for using, while there’s native jackd stuff, but there’s also wineasio, backend driver to make asio to jack connection

for synths and effect using stuff like dssi-vst\fst is MUCH faster since renoise loads too much cpu with wine enabled sound mixing\interface rendering etc

I tried a little test song with 5 vst instruments playing. The Renoise CPU meter was showing:

Windows - 39%
Wine - 47%

Forgot to match the asio latency settings. Here’s the correct results:

Windows (19.9 ms latency) - 29%
Wine (23.2 ms latency) - 47%

would ya try test it on freebsd for me? ;)

what i meant is

  1. Having native linux version of renoise makes usage of wine started renoise a strange behaviour
  2. If you are trying to launch renoise in wine cause of that huge vst bundle you have then why bothering with that wine slowness\incompatibility when you can do it in windows? And “Cause i don’t need to reload in windows for that” reason is bad reason.
  3. also that mentioned 29 to 47% is BIG difference
  4. since renoise is actually does much cpu load than most of vsts stuff like dssi-vst\fst is good for using several vsts, cause using wine for SOME parts of daw enviroment does unburden cpu
  5. And if you need that asio to chain some apps like renoise\reaper -

Yes, I agree it’s not the most sensible way of running Renoise if you already have Windows but the compatibility does not seem too bad and using a faster CPU would help (my computers about 4 years old). I looked at DSSI-VST but it seems to have more limitations like saving and loading presets.

i use dssi-vst and there’s some plugs like synth1\vb3\sylenth\crystal that does save\load with it. (well that’s only VSTi i got tested and worked). Not so bad in cpu usage, anyway i try to avoid using them

Exactly my words …
Renoise works on Linux 32 and 64 bit
Asio with Rewire on Linux is called “Jackd” with QJackCtl :)
If you install dssi-vst, dssi-vst-wine and the VSTs don’t run, they will not run if you run Renoise in wine …

If you want to use VSTs a lot with Asio … install Windows.
If you want to use Linux and SoftSynths: Use Loomer or discoDSP as DSSI or use “Alsa Modular Synth”, Add64, Joshimi/ZynaddSubFX, Hydrogen, Din, phasex …