Using Sends for FX/automations

Hi, the automation stuff has always been my big setback in Renoise. I’ve done a lot of reading and have been experimenting with send tracks. As I want to be able to use the same effect in different ways multiple times in a track (or sometimes, track group). So now, I’d like some input concerning best practices.

This example is an oversimplification, but would be sufficient to have a better understanding of what to do. I think I’d prefer using the pattern editor for automations, as it’s likely quicker.
Let’s say I want to apply D16 Decimort 2 and Devastor to entire drums section (for distortion/bitcrush).

And Valhalla Delay to a couple of tracks (individually) on the “Atmos” section.

Obviously, the sends would be placed on the aforementioned tracks/track groups and sent to the send tracks. Should the FX be placed in the send tracks? And automations are done in the sends section? In general, what do you think is the most efficient method of having such automations?


Definitely use the send channels for some effects, particularly those that you might want more than one track to be sent to - at least that is my approach. You can then determine the amount of send on the send device and whether or not to keep the original signal and mix the effects in with the Send channel faders.

Click onto the Send Channel and then the little zig-zag box under the Effects selection box at the bottom left to see which devices and parameters can be automated. You can then draw curves, or click to add points on the curve and then type in values. I find the Renoise system fairly flexible in use.