Using .Sfz files and Soundfonts

I have several .sf2 files that I have managed to break down into several .sfz files. The .sfz files are supposed to be instruments that I can manipulate in tracker… however, when selecting the .sfz files in Renoise… it prompts me to give it the “Location of samples for patch”

Now what I want to accomplish is use this pallet of samples that is compressed into the .sf2 files in tracker.
So I am looking for a “how to” for one of 3 solutions or something completely new if you can think of something :

  1. Converting the .sfz files into something I can use like a WAV
  2. Simply open the .sfz files and manipulate them in Renoise
  3. Do something different with the .sf2 files so that they unpack to become Renoise compatible samples

Thank you to anyone who can help out, let me know if you need anything clarified.

sfz and sf2 are not native supported formats.
For Renoise 2.8 and lower you have the import tool that allows you to import sfz files, but you have to install it first (drag and drop on Renoise) and it is not perfect in importing sfz files.

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately I had already done this before posting :-/

When trying to load the unpacked .sfz files (I have already downloaded the import tool) , it prompts me to find the “location of samples for patch” and opens my directory.
I guessed that it wanted the .sf2 files that they came from but Renoise cannot see them in the directory. This is really driving me insane guys-- is there anyone who can help?

ups sorry…

I believe there was some issue with the path (if it contains spaces or something), i haven’t looked into that tool much.
I tried that tool once to see what it did with the Sfz’s and then stumbled upon the path issue. As soon as i fixed that, i found out the sfz mapping wasn’t working properly either so i gave up on it.
It definitely needs a lot of more work on the Sfz import area to get it right. Perhaps the new instrument structure allows for a bit more tuning although not much changed on the keyzone area.

So my research has been telling me that the reason that renoise has trouble with .sfz files is that they contain no audio. They are just text documents that explain to the program how a sample is supposed to be played. The program is perhaps correctly prompting me to find the “location of the samples for patch” - I think it IS looking for the original soundfont (.sf2). So I suppose the problem is that Renoise cannot interact with soundfonts.

That being said, I will tell you why I need these things and maybe someone can find a work around.
I make 8-bit music for video games and I was recently contracted to compose a 16-bit soundtrack. I would like to emulate the sounds you would get from a SNES, but understand that unlike chiptunes-- there is no proprietary chip that generates sound for the SNES-- it is just lofi short loops with a bit of unique reverb on them. I am a bit of a technical dummy when it comes to sample rates etc. So what I have been trying to do is get Soundfonts from some actual SNES games for me to mix up and cut up and manipulate for this soundtrack.

I found a hefty amount of them but have no way to make them work in renoise. HOWEVER… I was luckily able to find a very limited library (of about 4 games) where the sample library had somehow been converted/presented as .wavs that work fine in renoise… so I know it is possible to get to my original solution… but my extensive research is producing absolutely no fruit.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can come to a solution for this… even if its not the solution I originally had in mind now that I have shared my overall motivation? Thanks in advance to any advice anyone can give.

I’m running into a similar problem, have you found any solutions so far?