Using Simple Waveforms


i know that some trackers come with the option to choose a simple waveform to use in the tracker pattern editor. does renoise come with these? and if so how do i access them?


Unfortunately no, Renoise doesn’t come with them. You should be able to roll your own really easily though - just apply a loop to a single cycle of the waveform (and finetune it with the loop tuner so that it hits the equator at either end) to turn a basic waveform synth sample to a seamlessly looped single cycle, and you’re done. I recommend sampling the waveform at as high a sampling rate as you can manage, as that’ll hold off aliasing for more octaves up and down.

Question for the devs, or other knowledgeable folks: Is a pitched 96K sample still going to result in less aliasing than a pitched 44K sample when your ASIO on your soundcard is set to 44K?

Yes, the 44K is just playback samplerate, sound processing happens inside your comp before the soundcard output.

Cheers Kameleontti.

k thanks i’ll try