Using the Keytracker for Panorama Settings....

Hi there…iv played with the keytracker. used an 3.0 instrument and modified it to play one note on the left side and the next note on the right side. it doesnt work for me, but maybe iv got the wrong settings?!

here is an example

anyone knows how to do it?

greets kola

edit: this should work with vsti´s also…

It works as supposed to here, it pans according to the note value, so i’m not shure what you want it to do?
You can use the panning column in the phrase to make each note play left or right as you want. 00 is most left and ff is most right.

"edit: this should work with vsti´s also… "

forget about the phrase…it was a bad example…i just need to know how to use the keytracker to archive panning hard left + right with any soundsource

You can’t make every note you trigger left - right - left - right - left - right etc. But you can split the keys wherever you want so that everything above one note goes to right while the notes below goes to the left.
Let’s say you want to make every note lower than C-4 go to the left and from C-4 and up go to the right, then dest. min. note to B-3 and max. note to C-4 and you’re good to go.

ok thats exactly what i discovered by myself. thx for the confirmation. i could use an lfo…is it possible to use an envelope to control the lfo?

An envelope? As in a key tracker controlling an LFO? Yes you can, you could even make every key go in your desired direction with a custom envelope in one LFO.
-Connect the key tracker to the LFO reset
-set LFO frequenzy as low as possible
-make custom envelope with points, let’s say you want the effect on the 24 notes then give it the lenght of 24. Add points where you want each note should go.
-Now the LFO output goes to a panning parameter and the key tracker should be set to the corresponding 24 notes, let’s say C-2 to B-3

For extra panning effect you could use a signal follower controlling a stereo expander to give it a bit inertia. Closer to mono at low and normal at peak.

hm ok i tried that and i must have done something wrong as it doesnt work at all. could you provide a short example xrns?

It’s not completely perfect, but maybe better than nothing:
It sounds like it’s a bit inertia from one side to another, but i don’t think there is anything to do with that.

Not a 3.0 instrument, but an old example I posted to an old thread, which could easily be adapted.


thx to both of you…now i got it!