Using Transition Fx Sounds

I want to use a transition fx like a reverse cymbal for a pattern change, this means the sample should reach its climax at the end of the pattern.
Currently i do this by trying different start lines in the pattern but is there a fast way to play transition fx sample accurate?

Sample Hit Points is a suggestion that has been made to do this easily but as yet nothing has been incorporated into Renoise.

Currently easiest way is probably setting one of the rulers on the Sample Editor to Beats and then make it the right length for a certain amount of beats (it displays up to quarter of a beat.) Or trial and error…

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maybe use e.g. a short white/pink/brown noise sample. loop it and programm the “transition fx” via pattercommands or envelopes.
i think thats what trackers come in handy. bending/mangling/abusing bits of sound sources to your own “fx”.
otherwise, using ready processed samples, a classic daw would make more sense, imo.

Hello Noisemaker,

The method I use it to simply sync to sample to a certain length. You can do this on the sample-tab in instruments settings. If your pattern is 128 rows long, you can sync the sample to 128 (rows), and voila :)

If the pitch is not to your liking, you can set the sync length to another value and place the sample accordingly.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the hints, this will help.

I just wanted to check if there is a direct feature for this that i missed.