Using Virus Ti Vst With Renoise

This is actually quite simple, but there might be someone who has not come to think about this…

a)Put Renoise in DirectX-mode
b)Open Cubase
c)Open Virus TI in cubase
d)Set Virus TI input as Midiyoke X
e)Send Midi From renoise to Midiyoke X

“You can compensate for the delay using the Delay slider in the Renoise insturments Midi Properties panel.”

You can use Energy XT to record all the automation. This requires little understanding of MIDI CC and some set up in Virus TI panel.

Actually even better. Use V-stack to host the Virus TI.


Does using V-Stack remove the need to understand midi cc’s?

Hmm, sorry I don’t understand. CC’s in what relation?

[quote="#<0x00005628561a08e0>, post:4, topic:22450"]

Hmm, sorry I don’t understand. CC’s in what relation?

Hai there, do I need MidiYoke if I use V-Stack as a host for the TI plugin?</0x00005628561a08e0>

Yes, you still need it, because you need to link Renoise to V-Stack/Cubase/any other sequencer.

Anyhow, using a standard MIDI cable, the TI’s analog outputs and Renoise’s MIDI CC device will give you the same result.