Using Vst


Another noob question as I am still quite new to all this. I have managed to download and use Crystal synth which was surprisingly easy. I have tried to do the same for Automat 1.0 but I cant seem to get it to show up on the pull down list in Renoise. I have double clicked on the ‘Install.command’ which says it’s succesfully installed, and also tried putting the component into a folder where I found the Crystal component, but still nothing. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance! :w00t:

automat is a mac plugin right? Are you on a pc?

If you mean this plug-in:…2/automat-0-4-2

then the answer is because that’s an Audio Unit, not a VSTi, and AU are currently not supported in Renoise.

Ah right. So whats the difference? (I am on a Mac by the way) :D

Me too.

It’s a different code / different format.

Like a a photoshop file and corel draw file. Both are pictures… that’s about the only thing in common.

:w00t: not yet not yet!

  • hoping for au support in next version*