Utonic / Microtonic copying midi to patterns

Hi all!

Wondering if anyone here has ever had any success copying the patterns from Sonic Charge’s Microtonic into Renoise? I’ve tried several things without success so far:

  • Drag and drop midi only copies notes into one column - which means drum hits that fall on the same beat are ommitted. Then, ofc, you have to change the instrument # back to the Microtonic instrument to get it to play
  • Midi Loopback - tried using loopmidi, but the results coming out of Microtonic appear to fill in multiple columns and the notes seem off. When opening up the instrument and playing the keyboard in Renoise, you can see that it’s triggering every octave of a note - which is problematic because some octave notes do things like engage the “play” function, etc.

Any other thoughts on how to get the midi / drum pattern from Microtonic to copy over correctly? Inspired a bit by @martblek’s WIP Re-tonic Tool making me remember a)how awesome microtonic is but also b)what a @#$@# PITA it is to try and get midi files into Renoise

Thanks for any insight ya’ll can provide!

EDIT: A hackaround I just figured out - using the tool here New Tool (0.1): Renoise Simple Midi File Support

You can export the midi file from microtonic to desktop/wherever, and this tool appears to correctly import the midi file. Have to be a bit careful about LPB as too few seems to bork things, but at least a deece temporary solution.

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Microtonic… I just sample sounds from and use samples in Renoise. Trackers in general view are alternative to MIDI.

Hey there! Agree, working on the sample level is such a strength of trackers. However, one of the spectacular features of microtonic is the patterns (and the Patternarium, but thats a different conversation). Itd be nice to (easily) replicate the patterns in utonic, so just wondering if anyone has had any success with this.