Utter Madness

I remember i used to ski like a madman but this is crazy. Wideview lense probably makes it feel alot faster, but still…


In fact its pretty amazingly crazy.

That is so f***ing dangerous what he does there, specially aside the cliffs.
If just any zip of wind falls away, he crashes or hangs on the cliffs and even a helicopter can’t save his butt.
Not to forget hidden cracks where he can endup in and nobody will know how, when and where he disappeared.

By far the most intense home video I’ve ever seen.

It’s crazy what some people to for thrills.

This isn’t as disturbing, but still… the message is.


11/8/2006 - Before dying from Leukemia a German man known as “The Trainrider” spent the last year of his life surfing the top of moving trains all over Europe. Here is a great tribute video which includes footage of him surfing Germany’s fastest high speed ICE bullet Train, top speed 330 km/h. His motto: You can only be free if you have nothing to lose.

I’ve seen a few of those vids lately, from all kinds of sports … skateboard, snowboard, crossbikes … basically people dealing with death all the time, one mistake and its over. but thats what happens if people get sponsored I guess, they have to do alot of crazy things to stand out from the ordinay people.

climbing for example :

dan osman “free soloing” a cliff.


he did die a while back btw because a rope he was attached to ripped apart. kinda ironic.

watch at 1:12, he litteraly JUMPS up the cliff.


holy freekin wow!

thats one extreme sport that might just be awesome enough to justify the brushes with death…what an amazing way to see a mountain…

As for Dan Osman…he was a pretty amazing climber. Not the best in the world perhaps from a technical perspective, but the ones who take it to greater extremes definately are alot more safey conscious than he ever was; you have to give him many bonus points for his bravadery, which pushed well beyond normal levels of “stupidity”.
The fall that killed him was actually not a climbing fall though, but what he called a “controlled free-fall” - kinda like bungee jumping but with climbing ropes as your bungee line…they’re designed to stretch, but as an emergency thing…

Shows a quite few of the freefalls in this clip, amongst other things…


Check this out, the latest in extreme danger sports


I know we’re not allowed to reply with a lol, but im gonna do it anyway.


Sweet, seems like they got a tournament for it aswell.