V1.2 slow/freezes

First i want to say that v1.1 worked nice for me, today i installed v1.2 and guess what? it doesnt work good.
the problem i have is that it seems it freezes or slows down (the menu’s, the pattern scrolling <-- it does roll but stuttering) although the playback seems ok. also the selecting an area with yur mouse takes some time before it shows up as selected.

is there an solution for it? i would really like to have this solved ;)

my system is:
AMD 1,33 ghz
512 DDR
80 gig Raid-0
Sblive 5.1
Geforce 3

could you please send me (taktik@renoise.com) the “Log.txt” file next to the “Renoise.exe” ?

thx for yur response, ive sended the log.txt file to u

A tip if you installed DirectX 9 on XP and want to uninstall it…

Go to start menu / programs / accessories / system tools / System Restore. There you can roll back your latest windows installations to the date before you installed DX9.

I dont think that DirectX9 is the problem here.
1.25 has a new more softwarebased graphport. Hopefully the problems will be gone then.

Could you please rush it out? ;) I’m really anxious to try this tracker, it looks good but behaves too bad for me to evaluate it at all currently… :(

no need to be desperate, 1.25 is ready and we’re just finishing help files.
when they are done, we release.

see ya again on weekend with the release.