V3.0: Additional color "pattern strokes"

I would really like to have an additional color for the pattern strokes, since I like to get rid of them, or almost get rid of - for better clarity.

Like this:
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Currently this is not possible, since changing “default font color” also changes the notes! So I require another color for the notes between the highlights, or a color for the strokes.


  • “default font stroke”
  • “highlighted font stroke”


  • “default font note”
  • “highlighted font note”


  • “default font stroke alpha”
  • “highlighted font stroke alpha”

Is it possible? I mean, if the color is not defined in a color theme, the default font color could be used for it.

This would be my favorite styling:
Attachment 4757 not found.


As a workaround here are two variants of the big font:

Attachment 4758 not found.
Attachment 4760 not found.

Just a point:
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Attachment 4761 not found.


p.s. how you manage to change fonts?

Found a 30-day-trial tool called “sib font editor” which I run in OSX wine.