Va Rus Zud #14 Contest!

Rus Zud Net Label starts new open contest
for next part of traditional compilation VA – Rus Zud #14.

Requirements: High speeds, Difficult rhythms, Concept, Expressiveness
Style: Breakcore / IDM
Theme: Neodadaism, expression of unconscious mind in music

Format: mp3 320kbps

Deadline: 27 september 2010

Send tracks to:

Smoking is Bad!

If I find time, I’ll join the party :) , also…there is a special forum page for contests.

DEFINITLY gunna hit this one up!

…(edit) Just to bad that they labels website is down =(

Promo-movie of the tracks from VA Rus Zud 14. Have fun! :drummer:

hahaha, awesome video! (((=