Vaginal Monuments & Landscapes (pics)

My contribution against the bias.


this is what every girl is.

I remember an old post with the name: Do you know any females who use Renoise?

Now I kind of know why no one answered yes. <_<

bangs head against wall

Mind that I was a bit ironic :)

the common female can spend a lifetime of doing repetitive tasks.

like trying to tell You, what to do!

that’s why so many are teachers in every facet of humanity.

if a common female used renoise she could track 1000 times exactly the same track.

the common female is driven all about the basics: food, shelter, clothing, procreation, telling you what to do, useless stuff and bin loads of it.

the common female always needs/has something to do.

that is why a female renoise user is uncommon.

sigh of relief :D

I often think to myself … it’s no wonder so many females end up as homemakers when their entire life, they’re told by society they can do no better. Tell someone they’re an idiot their entire lives, and even if they’ve got an IQ in the 99.9th percentile, they’ll still believe you to a certain extent… unless they break and turn rebellious. Perhaps females just aren’t rebellious enough. Gotta love social programming though.

Oh and I should add, listening to 98% of the electronic music out there, it seems to me that males are the ones that are apt to keep writing the same song over and over again.

W to the ORD!

Though I guess we all can honestly say that females are more than just holes to put our fallos in.

well, most girls are really more of a standard outlet.

the term power strip is usually reserved for girls who take it in all holes (titties, feet, etc.), but pretty much any girl will be a power strip if you have enough $$.

hehe, i feel another argument coming :) (think female renoisers thread)

Although i dont agree with you daemon… Maybe you are bitter or something but i assure you, not all girls are bijatches… :)

EDIT: in fact, i think that most girls are not bitches, you just need to know how to treat them. (and no, by that i dont mean spend a lot of $$ on them and be a very “nice guy”)

I didn’t imply that they were bitches. I was just cracking jokes.

But when it comes to women, there are major cultural differences. I can say that I’ve given up entirely on American women and won’t pursue until I’m gone. I can’t think of a single chick I’ve dated here that was worth dating. I read most of an ebook called Happier Abroad, and I totally identified with it. It was written by an American male, so a lot of the book was written from a dating standpoint. That book aside, it’s incredibly common for global travelers to have a distaste for American girls. It seems to be the norm in fact. I’ve known a couple decent American girls, but it’s rare. They’re standoffish feminazis who are shallower than spit on concrete. They have no class and couldn’t act feminine if their life depended on it. And when they cause problems (and when do they not?), it’s incoherent pig slop that comes out of their mouths that is just flat out illogical. These people do not have logic that is derived from ppl like Socrates, Lao Tzu, Osho, Nietzsche, etc. Oh no, not at all. It’s “logic” that trickles down from the hollywood generated tabloid nonsense. Men are not the enemy and should not be treated as such. I want women to be equal, that much should go without saying. I think its entirely possible for women and men to be equal, and for the women to be respectful to men and have a natural fascination with them. I’ll date girls who dress feminine, act feminine, and treat men with respect. In turn, I’ll be respectful to them, and everyone wins. I can’t imagine someone wanting to do it any other way. Russian and Asian Chicks FTW.

Maybe it’s simply the best you can get, but really - who cares as long as it’s not a picture of a door or a tunnel?

This thread was a silly, random split-second idea (I just realized that nobody ever talks about “vaginal objects”). It was a nerdy joke that wasn’t even funny, especially since the pics are kinda random, too (I lost interest as I was executing the idea so to speak).

Totally not worth it.

who, me? i dont want anything to do with them. that was the whole point of my post.

Nah you got that backwards, I was referring to women who “dress feminine, act feminine” - all the time, that is, that tends to just seem needy/weak. If a person can’t impress me as a person what do I care about their looks? And if they do impress me, I will notice every last detail, through dozens of layers of clothing if need be. Don’t get me wrong, there is such a thing as going out, I’m not against “dressing up” per se. But if it’s an obligatory thing I know I’d be wasting my time. It’s basic biology: If she does everything to please me, she must either unimaginative or desperate. And if she’s just trying to manipulate me, she can’t be very bright to underestimate me that much.

i’m really tired right now and reading this makes me both laugh and wtf simultaneously :)

Here’s an attractive looking power strip

Hey man, don’t let women have this negative power over you. American women are no more “feminazi” than European, African, Middle-Eastern or Asian women. In many countries girls are raised to be submissive – cooking meals and sucking dick whenever their so-called “man” snaps a finger. But take a closer look at the so-called “men” in those countries. Are they productive, strong, independent guys with a healthy portion of self-esteem? The Michelangelos, Leonardo da Vincis, Thomas Edisons of our time? Or are they rather crawling on the floor like subhumans, worshipping the Spaghetti Monster or whatever it’s called (or can’t be called – because these little boys’ egos are so fragile that they feel dominated even by a little drawing and have to kill everybody who expose their inferiority complex)?

I find it sad that you choose to spit on your own countrymen (or rather countrywomen). All women are wonderful creatures. Start re-programming yourself with a more benevolent attitude and you’ll discover that the woman of your dreams may be just around the corner. And then you’ll realize that crap such as this…

…isn’t really saying something about girls. It’s saying more about the guys who are willing to put their manhood in a woman’s feet – or in any hole they can find – and are willing to pay for it, too.

^^^ A true gentleman has spoken!