Valium Elfen

uuuhhh i forgot the extra clap track from 0:41 on… clap is to silent, right?..


Nailed it! Good work! Your mixing works! A defined catchy melody. Much better this time around on all levels. You love your 6ths don’t you ;)

One thing I really missed was the lack of vibrato on the lead.

Overall, good work. :D

yes i love 6ths…
i wanted to use vibrato, i miss it too, but, kind accidently i used vstxsynth the sample synth from vst sdk, liked the sound and used it but in the source steinberg already states: monophonic,no anything, so no vibrato too… a plain tone generator, but none of the other synth gave me a plain chip like sound…a bit stupid…vstxsynth also detunes after 1 sec

i misinterpreted mickrips smiley :wink: don’t you like = do you also like 6ths and such chords? you mean chords, right? my english isn’t so good…



it´s one of the happiest tunes i´ve listened to haha :D Great values inside yes yes…

Good punch and master (did you used a loop for percussion or it´s handmade?) i like it. Good bpm speed :walkman:

eh wait… only 2:22 ??

You wrote a very good ending, that´s great, i´m tired of the “fade out” end.

I´ll consider using a dual oscillator supersaw instead of a single saw so “simple”, worth a try? copy-paste some patterns and made it longer?

Will the RNS file be avaliable?

Good work, i like it. The next time don´t forget to fill the ID3 data in the mp3

  • Klez

hi, glad you like it

it’s a “fresh” loop from fruityloops, a bit modified
and it’s the first time i got a usable master, it’s done with arguru stardust
for the lead voice think maybe superwave p8 would be good

i’ve upped it in case you need a compiled one


Well, first of all, thank you very much for the “open source” music. Having the RNS is always good. Don´t loose your copy of Stardust… it´s gold!

That lead to me to install Sytrus (damm CPU eater!) but it sounds
O U T S T A N D I NG !

one always learn something new looking at modules haha :D

You wrote an excelent ending, please make this song longer than 2:22

Keep the good work ;)

  • Klez

shruggy: I really like your stuff. ;) I have myself snowed in so much on beats that it’s relieving to hear some true melodies. I thought I recognized the lead, so vstxsynth was what it was? :)

About the track, I like when it gets kinda ambient in the end, it’s a nice way to finish it off. Also that little melody at 01:36 sounds very Heidelberg:ish or lederhosen to me. Funny. :) Very well tracked piece of music.

Btw, I also listened to blubb techno and some parts of it was really heavy stuff. ;) It’s hard to mix melodic stuff with hard beats (and get away with it) but I think you’re doing quite well doing it. :)

(16 year bump)

Found this one (“valiumelfen”, “blubb techno”) on my harddrive again. Still good! :grin: