Vanguard Sync Problems

Hello hello

In vanguard I tried to just add a sine, put some delay and activated the arpeggio
and then typed in a simple A-C-E chord on first bar and then an A-C-F chord on
bar 14 (or something, doesnt matter). Sounds ok on first play, but try stopping the song
and then play again - it’s not synced, the arpeggio seems to continue where it was stopped
before, or so I think. Also, when I stop the song I noticed the delay is not there anymore,
it’s like pressing panic.

What am I doing wrong, is there a way to get it synced?

try to set the arp to “retrig”, this way it starts again when a new note is played. as fo the delay, that’s strange. dunno whats wrong there.

I already tried the retrig-option, but it doesn’t help, however it seems the arp is on sync - it’s really the delay that is the problem. By removing the delay there is no problem. Hmm. I want the delay to sync.

maybe would be better using Renoise’s delay on the track where you are using Vanguard?

Yup, it’s weird, but using renoise’s delay is the solution for this one. Thanks.