I am a Renoise user, operating on a Mac…I’ve downloaded a demo for Vanguard and i when i open the file i get a ton of sub folders but nothing has a .dll or a .vst in it…what exactly am i supposed to copy and paste into my audio<plug-in<vst folder for renoise to recognize!!!

Is Vanguard not able to run in Renoise?

…from here i thought, “ill try and find another vst that allows rhythm gating”. I discovered Neon Gate and downloaded it…a similar yet different problem shows itself…its folder contains a text document and Neon Gate.dll…where do i put Neon Gate.dll!!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated


You need to add the folders under preferences.
Otherwise Renoise don’t know were to look for the VSTS.
Personaly I have a folder “\program files\vsts”, in that folder I install/copy all my VSTS and add that folder to Renoise (under preferences of course).
Once you rescan or restart Renoise, instant VST :D


i could be wrong, but i think he allready knows that. (although the given information from him isn’t exact enough to be sure of that :0)

hm, i don’t exactly know what you have to copy into ur vst-folder under mac, but i’m pretty sure it’s NOT .dll files, cause these are for windoze.

i downloaded vanguard demo for mac and found a “vanguard demo.pkg” file inside the zip archive. perhaps try placing that into ur vst folder, which has to be setup properly inside renoise aswell. (just as haplo described, just with other folder names ._.')

or perhaps the .pkg file is sum kind of installer, i don’t know as i’ve never ever worked on a mac. these are things you should actually know.

sidenote: one questionmark plus the right word order is in most cases more than enough to indicate a sequence of words being a question. adding more than the actually needed amount makes you look a little, hm, how do i put this, immature.

You are right in assuming I already know how to set Renoise up to search for VSTs…I could very well tell Renoise to search anywhere to find this VST. Of course, this is only useful as long as there actually IS a .vst in the package (this is were the problem occurs). The closest file to a .vst that exist in the package are the “DHS Signature Soundbank.fxb”, “MF Artificial Pleasures.fxb”, and “Vengeance Factory Soundbank.fxb”, which are located through the following path:

Vanguard Demo<Contents<Archive<Applications<reFX<Vanguard<Presets

Every other file format in this package is either: .PDF, .component, .bom, .pax.gz, .plist, or .rtf

Side-note: Improper punctuation, grammar, spelling, followed with eagerness to prove others’ errors, is often enough to prove your own immaturity.


well, if you knew what you stated in the first sentence, what’s this question about? 0o

you’d just put the .dll in the directory specified in the renoise preferences…
ANYWHO, i don’t think this will work, because .dlls are a strong indicator for a windoze thing.

concerning vanguard: a .dmg file for the vanguard demo

still i’m not sure, but i think it’s some kind of file to be used as an installer. i think i heard something in that direction :0

i don’t know what to do with the files inside the .pkg, but did you try just extracting everything to a certain folder inside ur vst-folder? perhaps that would have already been enough…

and one question: who told you that vst plugins have the file-ending .vst in osx? (ur using osx, right?)
i’ve never heard of that. (what doesn’t mean it’s wrong!) the only thing i heard about concerning macs and plugins is .au files.
and not that i think/know that it’s of any relevance to the issue, but what mac are you using? intel or ppc? what os? (version?)

hm, and last but not least:

hm, yeah, i was so trying to prove u wrong, you got it. or better: what i said before, but followed by 10 exclamation marks. do you really miss the point about what i’m trying to say to you??? is it so hard!!! i don’t give a shit about grammar, spelling, k??? but i get kinda annoyed by those punctuation mark orgies. RLY!!! YOU SEE HOW THAT LOOKS!!! just as bad as capslock.
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Thank you for your time. You have proved yourself useless twice as well as immature. I will now ask in a different forum that might contain people with more modesty and less ego. Goodbye.

You’re welcome <3 :*

Try KVR.



Could at least one of you act a little wiser and just quit blowing the whole stuff up?

The directory for VST in MacOs X is /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

There you can find the standard path for all your VST’s. Your user path is /Users//Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST and that’s where you put the sound banks.

I hope it helps.