Variable Tempo Doesn't Work With Rewire / Reaper


Renoise / Reaper guru’s please help me with this one.

I am trying to use Renoise 2.8.0 with Reaper 4.2.6, connected with ReWire. I use Renoise as a slave device since i do the final mixing in Reaper.

Otherwise everything works well, but in Renoise i have placed some tempo changes to the different parts of the song. I have enabled option in Reaper that slave device can change the tempo. Still, these tempo changes ain’t affected at all. This is a problem because Renoise has all the drum tracks of my project.

So, do i have to set Renoise as a master device, or is there any other way to fix this? I wonder if “midi clock master - out device” has something to do with this? I haven’t defined anything there since i donno much about that stuff.

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

That’s a limitation of Rewire, the host controls the tempo of the slave… If you are using Rewire and need to change tempo, you will have to automate this via the host…

Renoise’s big advantage is really as, “a complete program.” I find that Rewire works best when, “needed for a reason.”

  1. You have some audio that must have audio tracks.

  2. You have some mixing situation, “that absolutely must have,” routing functionality beyond what Renoise provides.

  3. You have some sort of sound design problem, that requires the solution of another daw.

Other than that… I don’t see much use for Rewire.

Rewire is mostly something for Reason Users… ( story for another thread. )

Thanks for the quick answer.

I’ve been using Renoise since 2005, and i think that it usually suits my needs as a DAW, but for some reason it’s just more comfortable to record guitars with DAW that is based on the “typical” kind of DAW interface, like Reaper.
Still, Renoise is my number one choice when it comes to composing songs and building drum tracks. I think i’ve used thousands of hours with this beautiful software :)

I’ll try to switch Renoise to a master device and we’ll see how things will work. Once again, thanks :)

Totally; I understand what you are saying. You should be able to automate tempo changes on Reaper though… This image here will show you how to do it:

My big problem with using Rewire like this, was always needing to think on the vertical and horizontal transports consecutively… Even though there are few routing things I miss, “when I only use Renoise,” I find it much easier for my composing to give those up than to think about arranging horizontally and vertically at the same time… lol!!!

So I find that when I do Rewire, “and I use it a lot,” its mostly to create sound (complex layered atmospheres), and for little short bursts of things I need to get done.

However… If you are incorporating a lot of traditional instruments, like guitar and whatever… Than I imagine you should try to automate tempo in Reaper… Cause you probably really need the audio tracks, and I’ve never used Renoise as a Rewire Master… I don’t know how that would work out…

But shucks, if you want to try Renoise as the master, nothing is stopping you :slight_smile:


Actually for some reason i can’t set Renoise as a master device while configuring ReWire, because it doesn’t recognize Reaper at all. I did some searching and there were other users who were facing the same problem with same 64bit versions of these programs. Anyways, your tip solved my problem. I learned how to use tempo mapping in Reaper and i’m using Renoise as a slave device. Cheers man, this helped a lot :)