Variation On 'expand' Pattern In Advanced Edit


today I was making some dubstep and during the ganja smoking and tracking I felt like changing (read: doubling) the tempo midway in the track. So I started out with 140 bpm, speed 6 and changed this to 140 bpm, speed 3. Unfortunately expanding the pattern doesn’t automatically double the sync settings in the sample properties 'causing the donald duck effect on a lot of samples I synced.

Would be nice to have an option to expand the pattern + have the synced values in the sample properties change accordingly / so everything sounds the same as before. Would save a lot of sherlock holmes work searching through all the samples that changed gender in pitch.

Actually sometimes the donald duck effect does have some charm because the pitch change gives a dramatic change in timbre/feel/mood whatever. So if this could be implemented in a musical way even better. For example with a new feature/ option to automatically affect all the synced values in a track with a certain factor/ratio by moving a slider / twisting a knob blah.

Could all of this also be done by an external xml mangling script tool? (hint to the smart guys here :wink: )

I’m the only one here, syncing samples and changing speed/bpm?

i do, but does it externaly. cubase.
and some in dblue stretch.


What about a pattern command where you can set sync on and off for a sample out of an instrument and/or set the sync amount.

The gender-bender command :slight_smile:

my hopes for that thing taktik was talking about some time ago…
“pattern scripts” ->…6&hl=script