Various Artists - Label Sampler #1

hey everyone, ( a netlabel , no contracts / gives music away free )
is looking for new artists and albums / ep’s to release.
if you like what’s on this sampler and make music, submit something to us!

Music Genre’s on the Compilation:

Breakcore Chiptune 8bit Idm Noise Experimental
speedcore digital hardcore mashup lofi shoegaze
ambient electro synth punk minimal avant garde

This Label Sampler was put together for curious people who are unsure of what
they might like on the label. So here’s an easy way to get a rough idea
of what these people make. But please don’t judge someone by ONE song,
this is just to get an idea. Hope you’ve got an open mind, because its a diverse mix!

download link
alternative download link

(both files the same, use whichever link is faster)

155 meg zip file , 2 hours of audio

Label Sampler #01

Various Artists - Label Sampler

= 01- Realicide - Punk Is Plush (intro)
= 02- Realicide - Brickwall Hardcore
= 03- Hypnosis Rainbow - Half Platypus
= 04- Bl00dsuck1ng Fr34k - Fucked Up
= 05- Balloonsex - An Amazing Saturday Involving Sea Creatures
= 06- Overthruster - dental floos with coarse slut cunt hair
= 08- n0123 - p4
= 09- GUN! - CTD
= 10- Malaria Labs - young bwoys first
= 11- Despoilah - She makes me dance
= 12- Black Peak - Mortal Kombat EP - Until My Death
= 13- Hyena - how to gate a soul
= 14- Glixxpistols - videojuego inside
= 15- serv2r - murder ink
= 16- Two Bit Vision - fucking a very small hole
= 17- tooth eye - extoplasmic fix
= 18- Balloonsex - Lvl. 2
= 19- Pygmy Guru - To Each Her Own
= 20- puke flytalker - its nce 2 c yr heart agn
= 21- goto80 - la gare de mongo
= 22- ate bit - happy spores afloat
= 23- Duplego - franks theme
= 24- 0xBBninja - Ah Look At This Pretty Princess
= 25- Ryuno - love hurts
= 26- Kristellar - Flies In Aerospace
= 27- RAPEX - cm wb da
= 28- Yore - Sqeeze Hots
= 29- 33 - Morning Shower
= 30- turb0slut - black denim
= 31- plague called paycheck - home cooking is killing the restaurant industry
= 32- Customer - Return Of The Living Dead
= 33- Royce Icon - O Sad Panda
= 34- Gert 3000 - G’schicht vom Ma mit de Röschti
= 35- ehafh - good with words (but not girls)
= 36- Muhmood - Climate Wars
= 37- mannequin blood - sorrow of a thousand birds
= 38- Nick Wyrick - starkissed
= 39- nikita - éirigh
= 40- Noiztendo - Digital Game
= 41- toxic chicken - garbagemedly
= 42- polygon lobster jetpack - boredom for two
= 43- Pygmy Guru - Vodka shots
= 44- 33 - Underestimate
= 45- REDRULER - fastbeats
= 46- Hardon Collider - Noiseland Arcade
= 47- RedSK - Five Hits Of Acid (Overdose)
= 48- Roberto Maldoror Manfredini - Dada Nintendo
= 49- c4 - epicentre
= 50- in scary stereo - to grow old
= 52- ehafh - hermit of the wasteland
= 53- shelter dog - mote
= 54- sega death - ghoul sounds


Total Running Time - 2 Hours

Thanks for listening, hope you find some enjoyable music :]

All Tracks taken from releases available on
and those albums are completely free to download, and redistribute.

Keep mp3’s free!

download link
alternative download link

Hey! Dramacore was MY hype, goddammit!

Welcome, by the way ;) Nice sampler, there’s some good stuff amongst it.
Overthruster, 33, wooyeah!

i’ve got your back. dramacore is BotBs thing. intellectual property debate!!!

BotB definitely had the market cornered on the entire Dramacore genre. I can attest to that.

Botb was defenitly the first dramacore artist!!

I see a lawsuit coming…

i saw this posted on the mu forum and was shocked BotB wasn’t the poster

Perhaps this proves the lack of creativity in breakcore ;)

Out of interest when did you first use the term?

Before then I take it.

Been using it for years, since I started performing in 2004.

Fair enough, doesn’t surprise me but it’s hard to search for first instances ;)

Law suite in order?

I couldn’t be bothered by “another breakcore label” using a made-up term I’ve been using for years. For one, it’s just a word. Also, there’s no way I can proof I’ve been using it and even if I could, who would care. Certainly not the few people who download my music. Still, it’s kinda scary… I know TOO many people on this Dramacore Label to think it a pure accident that they picked that name.

Besides all that, I’m arrogant enough to say:

  • people who care associate ‘dramacore’ with BotB anyway
  • I’m more ‘dramacore’ than this label ever hopes to be

I’m happy to see that the people who care on this forum responded. Cheers folk, know that I love you :D

Haha, I wasn’t actually serious about the law proceedings statement.

Listened to a couple of bits of theirs and it’s not bad but I have to admit I prefer your stuff. They could of at least asked you to submit a release in the early days, especially if they did knowingly steal it from you without asking first. Your name should really be on Dramacore001 innit ;)

When I first saw the thread I thought it was a new release of you :P

Wait, we’re not friends any more? :( I need Frenchie hugs

Will you settle for french kiss?


Hmmm… depends on the estrogen level in your blood…