Various Linux Probs

right - thankfully renoise works a charm under ubuntu studio (since the last intel graphics driver update anyway), no problems there but…

i’m trying to get as much of my windows stuff as possible to run and the programs i cant live without are -
guitar rig 2
reaktor 5
audiomulch 1.0

i’ve got audiomulch running with wine using wineasio and i can use loads of vst’s no problem - dblue glitch was a nice suprise - may have to actually use it now!

reaktor installed fine and seems to run pretty well - problem is i can play midi keyboards in and get an audio level up in reaktor but cannot get the sound to my edirol ua101 soundcard- all the connections in jack are in place and the same config works for audiomulch and renoise but nothing - it seems to work for other people though so i may be doing something wrong - anyone have an idea what to check? - the midi in is through the sound card as well which is weird?

also guitar rig installs and runs fine but as above but with no input signal? how can i check the audio path to see where things are going wrong?

i’m assuming its a problem with wineasio, alsa, jack or soundcard (as other threads around the internets tell of the above working well) so not much to check! - but it works fine for audiomulch (renoise just goes straight through jack so no worries there) can anybody tell me how to check whats going wrong?

i’m so close i can almost hear it…

I don’t use Guitar Rig, anyway on LADSPAVST archive I’ve found Guitar Rigtutorial for Ubuntu users. See if it help you

yeah - thats what i saw that made me install it on the ubuntu partition - just cant get any sound out - i’ve only tried it standalone though - might work better as a vst - i’ll give it a go later and see what happens.

cheers for that ladspavst archive link though - hadn’t come across that yet may well turn out to be useful

EDIT: yep, both work fine as plugins - although i’m using the ones installed in my windows partition - seems i had to install them under wine to reenter the serial numbers but they wont work standalone? even though they are through the same wineasio driver as they are as plugins…hmmm

oh one more question - how do i set the vst_path in renoise? cant find where to do it