Various Older Tracks Now Up

Currently enjoying the lack of limits on compared to myspace at the moment, and have uploaded an archive of some of my old Amiga, MIDI & OctaMED tracks under the album name ‘Prior to being’ - comments welcome. (And mod-xrns conversion hints too please)!

Enjoy :)

Currently listening Shiny Disco Balls on virb (: Sounds nice! Great rhythm (: (: (:
It is done in Renoise? [I ask as I hear FFT filters, which were very hard to do on Miggie, except to combine various software]…

Will post later, when hear more [but as far as I hear now - you are very good]! Keep it up (:

Unfortunatelly I dont have much free time, Im extremly busy doing various gfx stuff… :frowning:

Hey cheers DJNick. The filters came from my Yamaha A3000, which was where I ended up doing my beats from due to it’s great sample slicing & resequencing tool. I do like those filters come to think of it, I’ll probably fire it up & have a fiddle at some point soon. But yes, I promise you definitely all controlled in OctaMED Soundstudio.

Thanks for having a listen :)

I’ll post some Renoise stuff on there after I’ve got into action on a couple more tracks. Then I’ll up some together for another album’s worth hopefully.