Various Render Results

He there. Very strange thing occur. A different results in case of rendering ENTIRE SONG and SELECTION IN PATTERN. The selection in pattern give me right render result (the same as playing realtime) BUT “entire song” render mode cuts (sound like faster note-off messages) notes on one track. This track uses Albino 3 VSTi. Render with “selection in sequence” give the same distorted result. make me very sad :( btw - i try to change priority to “real (plugin compatibility mode)”, it’s no help to solve.

You could check that all the sample rates are the same across your project… make sure the value in preferences>audio is the same as the render song to disk dialog. This can make things sound different more than you would expect it to sometimes.

How many subtracks do you use? Or on how many tracks do you use Albino with how many instances?
Two causes i can think of:
1: If “render selection” works out, but the entire song not, this gives me the impression some notes are still “running” Given the fact that you use Albino 3 which produces by default a maximum of 8 voices?
You can extent this to infinite, but if an overkill of notes are triggered for the plugin, you get crackles and your CPU usage goes all the way up.
Real plugin compatability should resolve the crackle problem, but cannot remove distortion if the amount of ntes triggered in the plugin simply cause this.

Solution:Seek for missing note-offs in previous sections to lower the open note-channels of the plugin.

2:If you use the plugin in one instrument on multiple tracks:
Here you can experience problems if you apply different effect chains to these tracks: Renoise has only one audio-feed to process.

solution:Add a new instance of the plugin in a new instrument for each track.

It checked twice :) all conditions the same, only change “entire song” render and “selection in pattern” gives various result :(

2 subtracks, and one instance of Albino only for this track. I try render ONLY first pattern in song, by “selection in sequence” and by “selection in pattern”. This pattern contains only one channel with notes (channel connected with Albino). This channel:

The maximum voices set to 2. Anyway - now i’m so crazy with this stuff, but i “solved” it with change some velocity in Albino arpeggiator matrix (!). Very strange.

Thanx a lot.