Various Small Things

Small features I miss:

  1. I don’t understand the logic of the Panning inside the Gainer in the new version of Renoise. I think the resolution should be 100 to both sides at least (as it was in the old version), instead of 50. The StereoExpander has an enormous resolution in comparision.
  1. The new arranger is great of course, but there is one minor thing I miss: the old hexadecimal count (which previous arranger had.) It could at least be optional. Don’t understand why first pattern begins with the number 0 (cero) in current shape, as it isn’t hex right now.
  1. Copy “Track in song” into another track would be REALLY useful for me. But it just says “Copying an entire track is not supported.” :(


  1. In which order are the Internal DSP’s placed? I think it could be in alphabetical order. But because it isn’t I guess it has some purpose that I’m not aware of. Should they be placed in that order when adding them to tracks?

  2. How do I add multisampled instruments (several sounds using the avaiable slots inside one) … Yeah a really newbie question. But I have not used it much in my tracking career.


  1. Agree that it would make more sense if these were alphabetical.

  2. To add multisamples you use the second list, underneath the instrument list. You load your samples into each slot which you can then designate them to areas of the keyboard.

In more detail here:…se/UsingSamples

This has crossed my mind many times as well… every time I look for a DSP in fact. :) So I also give my vote for alphabetical sorting.

Well, that doesn’t really matter for me. I never actually noticed this change.

I agree here. Hex rules! :D First thing when installing new Renoise to me is to change the row-numbering to hex one. It would be cool to count the patterns in hex too.

Hard not to agree. It’s kind of weird that the plugs are ot sorted in any logical way.


Lol … Seems like I made two topics about the same things :D