VCA fader for Renoise

For me having VCA faders (in opposite to group tracks) becomes more and more a must.
When working with sends VCA faders make the difference.

So I created one in Renoise.

How it works: If you turn a group fader up or down then this doesn’t affect the send faders of tha track in the group.
So for example if you have a send to a reverb on a track and put that track in a group you can pull the group fader all the way down yuo will still hear the reverb. But using a VCA fader the reverb will also be pulled down.

Feel free to use it and let me know how you like it :wink:


I think I don’t really understand your example. Maybe I have overseen something. What for is the sine wave, to constantly trigger the signal followers? Are you familiar with the other meta devices?

VCA mixing is not an unknown concept, a few other DAWs (Protools come to mind) support this out of the box.

But yes, something similar can be achieved in other ways too, using other meta-devices (hydras linked to gainers, and so on).

What is different about birgits approach is that it’s kept “in the mixer” (accessible via track faders).

If you don’t mind that the fader has a slight inertia (due to the signal follower) I think it’s a cool alternative.

Ah, ok :slight_smile: Thanks for clarification. So, using pre-fader… I should start to use the mixer view :slight_smile: