vcv rack does not show up as fx-alias when inserted as an effect

As title says .

When vcv rack is inserted as an effect , we need an FX-alias to send triggers etc…from renoise

SAdly the fx-alias does not show up .

I’m on windows 10

When used as an instruments al is good , aliases show up nicely

Disclaimer: I have not taken an in-depth look at VCV Rack itself. I’m just giving a very quick reply to clear up any potential confusion.

Not all VST effect plugins will show up as available FX alias instruments within Renoise.

The VST effect must declare (at the VST SDK level) that it can actually receive MIDI data through one of its inputs and then do something useful with that data.

If the plugin does not declare at least one MIDI input then Renoise will not treat it as a possible FX alias instrument.

O.K. will ask the developer .

You should really check out vcv , the included mutable instruments are worth it alone ., they sound amazing