Hello people!

Often I see very good music posted on this forum!
maybe for some of you it would be nice to do a show at Veenfest.

this is a cool (non profit) festival in Veendam, right under Groningen, the Netherlands.
with music in many styles and other cool activities.

So if you are interested visit
and get yourself on that stage!
or pm/mail me for more info

Ah man! I would bloody love to play in Groningen! I PM’d you ages back saying my sister had been there…

Well she lives there full time now! She got married to a Dutch man and they live in Groningen. I will tell her to get along to the festival mate!

I am a bit far away to catch the bus, otherwise I would be right there!

Well, I hope it goes well. :)

Is it in the party palace where the swimming pool is underneath?

no it will be held in our nice park called Borgerswold!
It will be big this year.

last year people out of different provinces (friesland, Drenthe) and even from different regions flok out to this festival, even from germany!

so this is a nice place to play.
a shame I can’t preform this time since I’m in the organisation.

hey dr. drips where are u located?
i live in groningen…and lived for 15 years in veendam.
never knew bout veenfest… seems nice!


That could be so because Veenfest is held for the 4th anual time.

I lived in Veendam all my life (well, some years in Wildervank)
I can recal someone called ‘Marlon’ or something that also made music.
is that you, then we have met each other.

I tracked down your site, I am almost certain that you are the guy
who did some animation work for my dad in the past!

huh?!.. hmm…
yeh i actually lived in wildervank for 15 years not veendam but i always mention veendam coz most of teh peeps have not heard of wildervank before… :)

yeh i did (still doing) music when i lived in wildervank under the name ‘delerium’ which became quite well known around.

hmm… what animation did i do for your dad?? cant remember right now… was it ages ago?

anyways nice to meet you (again)! :)

have fun,


ps. here’s my old site,
you found this one?

yes, that was the site I saw.
I can’t remember which animation it was, probably Amiga made.
maybe Nedmag, Oldenburger ring any bells. we used to blend them in with a genlock.
the last time I saw you around you even listened to some early tunes of me, made on pro tracker :)

yay funky! right before Sziget, will be a blast :)

like who’s going there?

im there. :)

maybe we can do a weed smoking contest … or sumting…

ah… whats sziget?


the new site is up:

Don’t hesitate to sign up and rock on the stage!

cool, maybe I’ll drop by. I live in Stadskanaal :P