Velocity Curves For Poor Midi Controllers


I recently purchased the full version of renoise and have been having fun using an akai mpd16 to trigger samples.

The MPD works very well if I use “full velocity” either on the controller or in renoise, but poorly if I rely on the sensitivity curves of the MPD. The controller is well known as having poor velocity sensitivity - control of the MPD settings through akai’s utility seems to do very little.

I thought perhaps the midi tracking meta tool in renoise could be used to scale the velocity response, but I have been unable to work out if it can work in this way. Can anyone advise?

I have also tried platiumears velocitycurvesm vst The plugin does seem to be scaling the midi input into it, but it doesn’t have any effect on the sample playback in renoise. Is there anyway I can insert a plugin, such as this, so that the plugin’s midi output is the input to renoise’s instruments? The plugin is recognised as an instrument, but it seems more like an effect to me.



Real internal routing from with plugins doesn’t work natively in Renoise. If you use plugins like Energy xt you can pull this off through that plugin.
But isn’t there a method to broadcast extra specific CC messages for the velocity values for the MPD? Then you can use the Midi control device to control the velocity using the CC messages and with the Midi control device you can use automation :).

Thanks. Only the slider has a cc value. Only pad note values can be edited.

A track or master gainer effect seems a reasonable work around. The relative velocities are not bad as long as you have the volume.