Velocity Device For Computer Keyboard

WHen triggering vst’s from the keyboard …the velocitty is always at full percentage …
Would be nice if we had some kind of device that let us define the velocity of the computer keyboard for bashing in those notesin realtime …just a slider with a value range

more an instrument property rather than a device

These aren’t real solutions but I want them anyway:

More seriously, it’s not realtime but you can always tap the numbers in the volume column afterward, something I’ll often do by habit. There aren’t that many things I try to play in the tracker in real time, to me a tracker’s strength is precision.

simple solution would be parameter for “default pc keyboard velocity” that would apply to all instruments
more complex one would be velocity setting for every instrument…

  • this is mainly important for previewing vsti for example if you want to play piano on pc keyboard the maximum velocity is just terrible to listen to

  • tracking wise, if i remember correctly if you wrote a note
    C-4 30 in impulse tracker, then all other notes were written with “30” volume, but something like this would better be optional

Yes there was a possibility to set default note volume and I think it was optional (not remember so well anymore). I would like to have assignable default velocity levels, say 8 of them, under shortcut editor so I could map them to shortcuts for fast switching. And decrease and increase level (by defaults or stepped something like 8hex or so) and capture nearest shortcuts too. Actually this is kinda essential feature and it is surprising that it still is missing since it has been requested many times before.

In Ableton Live there are shortcuts to increase and decrease the velocity that is used when playing the computer keyboard. Z and X by default, if I remember correctly. Velocity goes up or down in fixed steps, 20 units out of the total 127, I think, but another step might be better (8 or 16). It may not be the perfect solution but it seemed rather useful to me during my short time with Ableton Live. I’d like something like this in Renoise.

i think more usful would be velocity curve for instrument
that would be easy for min or max velocity settings and afcouse for hard soft playing ajustments

That may be useful for playing a MIDI keyboard (though, even in this case, the keyboard itself should take care of the velocity curve, and most really do). However, we’re talking about playing notes via the computer keyboard here. Totally different thing.

not so totaly, computer keyboard
is some kind of musical keybord with no velocity
and fully ajustable curve with ajusting not only the knee but even min max points of velocity could change the max velocity
so it could be the solution (even keyboard integrated curves are very limited and practicaly always max point are left on 128 value)

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