Velocity Ignore?

I am proud to say I finally registered my demo version of Renoise 2 and I am very glad I did! I love working with a tracker interface because you feel in total control of all parameters (and Renoise 2.5 Beta’s new features are really cool). However, I’m used to using a MIDI keyboard for all my recording and I have noticed that whenever I input notes with my keyboard, the velocity records volume changes in the volume column. It get’s annoying when I want to have a constant sound without having to go back and delete all those numbers.

So anyway, here’s my question:
Is there a way to record with my MIDI KB without recording velocity?

Look in the Preferences under MIDI:


Wow, please excuse my nooby question, lol. I totally forgot about the preferences. Thanks for answering.

No problemo. And don’t worry about it, that’s exactly what this Beginners Questions forum is for. :)